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      Life presents challenges to us that can be overwhelming. Unanticipated, complex or multiple circumstances can arise that cloud our ability to think rationally and quickly. Whether in our professional or personal lives we encounter situations that are both so immediately impacting and have such significant future implications that we can become immobilized…unable to grasp suitable options for both resolving the present and progressing beyond. Stress from these challenging circumstances can affect our short- AND long-term decision-making and  can arise either from having something occur or NOT occur.


     In our careers, the excitement of initially obtaining a job, being reassigned or securing a promotion can bring concern about new responsibilities. It could mean a geographic relocation, changes in hours and/or having to work with other parties who are unknown or disliked. It means starting anew and potentially making inadvertent missteps due to lack of familiarity with newly assumed tasks and duties. On the other hand, being ignored, reprimanded or not interviewed, hired, promoted or passed over for pay increases  can make one feel devalued and prompt anger, despair and a sense of hopelessness about the future.


     Decision-making certainly can be overwhelming in our personal lives. Weighing whether to attend school versus work, dating (or not dating), physical and emotional health conditions, marriage, care-giving responsibilities for children and parents and dealing with others' births or deaths, disabilities, divorces, separations, retirements, financial concerns, and relocations all pose significant challenges.  While these events may occur in others' lives, they impact and can change OUR lives.


     Decision-making is largely learned through life-long experiences. Benefiting from such experiences is the basis for making satisfying decisions and when we have less experience, had disappointing experiences and/or fail to learn from our experiences, we are less likely to make good decisions. Our decisions have increasingly major implications with every year and poor decision-making can destroy self-confidence and​ direction.


     LifePath coaching brings the opportunity to review one's life experiences, values, how you are making decisions and the impact of those decisions. The focus is on establishing meaningful life goals and developing achievable action plans. With understanding, patience and support, your desires and concerns are discussed, options and implications considered, grounded guidance offered and then steady encouragement provided to achieve what you value, whether personal or professional. Again, everyone faces complexities and challenges in life that must be overcome to move forward. With LifePath , you take the important first step toward good decision-making and the prospect of realizing a more fulfilling, enjoyable life.



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