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Client Testimonials


" I was...stuck. . .


    I was 54 years old and stuck in a job situation I was very unhappy in when I decided to seek professional counseling.  I cannot believe how lucky I was to find Dr. William “Bill” Spitzer on my first try.  From our first session, I was impressed with how insightful he was.  He asked questions that not only gave him insight into me and my possible career paths but also stimulated some much overdue self reflection.  Each session was followed with an e-mail containing notes from our most recent meeting which I found extremely valuable.  So much so, that I still have these and continue to refer to them.  


    Bill was very adept at never leading me in any direction (even though I could tell he held his own opinions on what he thought would be in my best interest).  Instead, he asked the questions that needed to be asked in order for me to come to my own conclusions that were right for me and my situation.  I would recommend Dr. Spitzer to anyone seeking sage wisdom and career advice whether it be a job change or upward advancement.

M.C.  . . .July 2020




" Sometimes you just need to talk to a stranger. . ."


      As someone who has worked in restaurants full time since high school, I was getting burnt out with the industry and ready for a change.  For 2 plus years, I researched opportunities in other industries, but to no avail.  After much exasperation, my wife took it upon herself to research career coaches on my behalf and found Dr. Spitzer online.  For years as an adolescent, I attended therapy for a myriad of reasons, but in looking back now as an adult, I realized I was not able to take advantage of those sessions as intended because I was young, stubborn and had a tendency to bottle my feelings.  I was skeptical of therapy or coaching, but having exhausted all known channels for career change, I reached out to Bill to schedule a meeting. 


    I am generally quite introverted, but when I first met Bill, I quickly felt at ease and able to open myself up to constructive conversation and introspective contemplation, despite him being a perfect stranger just minutes prior to our meeting.  Bill's innate ability to ask the right questions and tell meaningful stories in order to get me thinking about myself and my aspirations was refreshing and enlightening, but it did not succeed without some work on my part.  It took a lot of quiet time and deep thought to analyze where I came from, my past experiences, where I am now and where I want to go personally and professionally. 


    Initially, I was disappointed to learn that Bill was not there to help me get into a new job, but over the course of a couple of sessions I saw the greater lesson to be learned was that by inspecting and learning about myself, he was acting as a catalyst to my own enablement, encouragement and empowerment..  Bill's coaching emboldened me in my efforts to take stock of what I believe in, and to take calculated risks for the benefit of myself and my family as I continued toward a new career path, whatever it may be.  Sometimes you just need to talk to a stranger, someone with no preconceived ideas of you, to ask questions and make observations without pretense in order to gain better perspective of your own life and your future potential.

    I am thankful for my relationship with Bill and his pushing me to work harder for a happier result, which I have achieved in embarking down a new educational and career path..  I had hit a roadblock I could not overcome for years, but Bill helped me overcome adversity, not by figuratively helping me over or around it, but by helping me enable myself to push through it toward a more favorable outcome.


   My advice to anyone seeking life or career coaching is this: I highly recommend it, but you must be prepared to put in the hard work and open yourself up emotionally before you see meaningful results.  As Teddy Roosevelt said, "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty."  If you are struggling with your life or career path, I believe that with the help of Dr. Spitzer, and your willingness to take time to focus on yourself, your aspirations, and your true needs in work and life, you will succeed in steering your life into the desired direction.. You never know what you are missing in life if you keep going down the same path, so free yourself.

Lawson. . . . March 2019


" People notice the difference in me. . . "


My time with Dr. Spitzer has been a very, very fulfilling experience.  When people around you notice positive changes, it resonates differently with you.  At the start of the pandemic I drifted off from my regular appointments with Dr. Spitzer and again people noticed a change.  Some people even asked if I was still seeing my life coach and when I said no, they said I should really keep going to him.  When people take notice of the positive effects on you, then you know you're on to something good.


These last two years with Dr. Spitzer have been very rewarding to me and my family.  I give a lot of the credit for those changes in myself to Dr. Spitzer.  It makes me wonder how my life could have been changed had I met Dr. Spitzer at an earlier point.

David... . . May 2021


" Finding my right path. . . "


I was very intentional about finding one of the best to work with for my coaching.  Referencing "Psychology Today" led me to Dr. Spitzer's door.  In our sessions together, I found him very personable and resourceful in cross-aligning my knowledge with his to ensure I was on the right path..

Andrew. . .February 2023


"Gaining career insight. . ."


Dr. Spitzer has been instrumental in helping me to better understand my relationship to work and what excites me about a position.  He provides career insight that is very easy to understand and is very personalized.  My now greater insight has provided me with much more clarity as to the type of career that I want to pursue.  I have enjoyed learning more about myself and the humor Dr. Spitzer has possessed throughout our coaching.

R.O. . . .January 2024

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