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The Basis of LifePath, LLC

LifePath, LLC  provides a guided opportunity to reveal your strengths and abilities, your desires, preferences and dreams of your future as well as those concerns, apprehensions or limitations that appear as obstacles to you achieving the fulfilling life you deserve.  Active listening, focused discussion and importantly, emotional support and encouragement inspire the self-confidence and positive self-image that are the basis for succeeding on your new life path. 



The Focus of Life Path, LLC

Our coaches knowledgeably assist across those life issues that are most important to you.



We have all had situations in our lives where we found ourselves challenged either in having or not having personal relationships. Perhaps we were unsure as to how to find situations where we could meet others. Maybe we didn’t have the self-confidence or comfortable self-image to initiate conversations that would lead to fulfilling new friendships. It could also be that we found that once in a relationship it turned in directions that weren’t expected or appreciated and we felt a failure, let down, frustrated, angry and/or diminished by the experience. In family situations, changes in our age or that of others, our health and physical location can and do have major impacts on relationships. Roles and responsibilities change over time, often placing new demands on individuals or causing them to experience different emotions. Discussing important life changes with a LifePath coach brings about greater understanding, creates a realistic perspective and leads to practical ideas for greater satisfaction. 


Over time our interests, needs, desires, priorities and perspectives change. At one point we may be frustrated with initially recognizing who we are, what we are capable of and where we may be going. We may be unsure as to what life has to offer us and how to pursue fulfillment. At other points in our life, circumstances may evolve either gradually or abruptly and we find that we’re no longer satisfied with what we are doing, the results or how we feel about ourselves. In those circumstances, a LifePath coach using their understanding and guidance can help bring clarity and the perspective needed to successfully “shift gears” toward a new, more fulfilling direction in life.



Work is often a dominant feature of our overall life. For some, finding an appropriate job may be an overwhelming challenge made difficult by our own insecurity or being unaware of the necessary steps in securing employment. Once employed, work can and very often does bring about pressure and stress, the result of adapting to new roles, duties, responsibilities and the personalities or habits of others in the work place. Particularly stressful are circumstances of being relocated, laid off, fired or denied promotional opportunities. 

  LifePath coaches are each highly experienced professionals with organizational leadership backgrounds that include human resources (personnel) management. They are well-versed in how to initially secure employment and then how to successfully maintain positions even during challenging times. They can assist in “reframing” expectations and techniques for contending with the stress of dealing with work duties, bosses and/or coworkers. As LifePath coaches have interviewed, hired and then supervised personnel at all levels, they are familiar with how one can successfully prepare for and benefit from performance evaluations.  When it becomes appropriate to shift positions or employers, our coaches are able to help guide the process leading to new opportunities. Important too is the decision as to whether retirement is timely and best advised. Thinking through options and the long-range implications of retirement becomes crucial in making the best life decision. With careful deliberation, LifePath coaches assist clients to make the choices best suited for the individual.


To best address the needs of our clients, LifePath offers flexibility in the coaching process. For client convenience, LifePath has offices in both Richmond and Charlottesville.  Hours during the week and weekends are established as feasible to best accommodate the schedules of clients. Coaching sessions can be established using in-person, office-based meetings or through virtual, online linking utilizing Zoom. Session payments can be made by cash, personal check or credit card. The number of sessions is established based on the individual needs and circumstances of the client; sessions typically are 60-90 minutes in length but can be longer, dependent on the scope and nature of the topics.   The LifePath coaching experience is custom-tailored to fit the unique needs, interests, goals and personality of each client.  Every effort is made to have the client both comfortable with their coaching and confident in achieving their life goals.  Our published client testimonials will attest to our success in helping them progressively move forward on their new life paths.

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