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COACHING: the process of identifying goals, determining actual and perceived barriers, and then overcoming those barriers by establishing and accomplishing a realistic, fulfilling life plan.

The following are actual situations addressed through LifePath coaching.

  • A business professional sought coaching because of frustration in recognizing that increasing business success was negatively impacting personal life by preoccupying both thoughts and time.  Our coaching reinforced the importance of maintaining a balanced life.  The coaching outcome was a revamped business plan that maintained productivity while creating more opportunities for the business owner to pursue their personal interests.

  • An executive sensed she was “stuck” in her career by remaining in her current employment.  Recognizing her apprehensiveness about the prospect of pursuing new opportunities and the seeming glass ceiling of her current position, coaching focused on developing self-confidence and willingness to take “calculated risks” in advancing her career.  The client became empowered to pursue and obtain a significant new position that, as a “bonus”, also achieved her personal goal of creating a new chapter in her life by prompting her dreamed move to another state.

  • A new college graduate was uncertain about how to embark on a successful career.  After establishing the client’s professional goals, coaching zeroed in on the progressive steps in conducting a systematic employment search and how to convey a winning impression during interviewing.  Beyond gaining initial employment, coaching gave insight to the client as they skillfully went on to build a progressively rewarding career.  Their enhanced self-image had a positive impact on their life. 


  • Lacking goals and being frustrated with not finding a “special person” in their life, the disillusioned client felt inadequate and unfulfilled.  Coaching built their self-confidence based on an awareness and appreciation of their personal attributes.  They learned to appropriately gain desirable attention from others.  With a grounded, positive self-image, they became motivated to overcome their fear of failure and successfully moved forward in both their work and personal life.


These real successes reflect the positive impact of LifePath coaching.  While the factors that draw clients to coaching are diverse beyond those illustrated, the experience and outcomes of LifePath coaching have demonstrably benefited clients in both their professional and personal lives.

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